When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?
When was the last time you got those butterflies in your tummy that told you that you were about to do something properly brilliant but also properly scary?
If you haven’t experienced this recently, I know how you feel.
You see, the old me would have run a mile rather than organise a workshop, do a video interview, create ads and put the tickets out there like I’ve done this past week.
Intellectually, I realised that the only way to learn is to get uncomfortable and that growth only happens outside of the comfort zone, but the little girl part of me would run a mile before taking that leap into the unknown and risking failure and ridicule.
So, what made the difference?
What gave me the nudge to take action?
What helped me embrace those butterflies and do what I needed and wanted to do?
Actually, it was two things that helped me out here:
The first was being really clear about my “why”.
My mission to help midlife mums take over the world by understanding their own awesomeness and using it to be who and what they want to be is something that gives me energy and chutzpah.
Putting myself out there to support people was non-negotiable because it physically hurts for me to think that just one person who could benefit from my skills, experience and passion might not get the opportunity to do so because I was too shit-scared to act.
The second thing was that I realised that it was time to stop watching from the side-lines and to jump in because only one of three things could happen if I did:
1. I could fly and will lead a full workshop of amazing women on the 1st June all of whom will have a great experience and will get massive value from it.
2. I could fall and get a soft landing, where maybe just a couple of people come along to the workshop but still have a fantastic day
3. I could fall and get a hard landing that hurts like hell. This last scenario will be as a result of no-one wanting to attend which will suck and I will feel crap but I’ll get back up again and try another day so it doesn’t really matter does it?
My final questions to you are:
What action could you take that you’re shying away from because it’s too big and scary?
What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail because failure only comes from staying stuck and not moving forward and growing?