Free resources for you to download and use

Life Wheel (docx)  

This is a simple tool which will allow you to do an holistic assessment of your life. It only takes a few minutes to complete it but will help you focus in on the areas where you will most benefit from paying some attention. 

Once you’ve completed it and started working on your evolution, repeat it again on a 4-6 week basis and track your progress.

Default Diary (xls)

Once you’ve cleared your head of the superstitious thinking keeping you stuck, it will be useful to organise your activities to make sure you maintain focus on what’s important and leave procrastination behind. The default diary uses the principles of time blocking to help you pay attention to what’s most important and to let everything else go. This is what freedom looks and feels like!

10_5_1 Goal Setting (docx)

A lot of people find the process of setting effective goals a bit daunting. The 10_5_1 approach is a useful way to narrow things down and cut out the feelings of overwhelm.