What do our clients say about InspireMe?

We love our clients!

 Client Testimonials

"I would highly recommend to do coaching with InspireMe coaching. 

Reasons why: 

1-Don’t get judged on what you say. 

2-listens to what you say & makes a plan of ways to help. 

3-Tackles 1 issue at a time in order of importance to you. 

4-Gives you tasks to do at home between sessions to help you achieve your final goals. 

5-Always ends the sessions on a positive note. 

Since doing some coaching I have gained the confidence to try new things. My mental health has improved & I have learnt how to let go of worry’s & move on more easily. I am happier & more contented than I have been for along time. Thank you Caro!"

Sarah, Worcestershire.

"I started working with Caroline after meeting her at a business event. I liked her professionalism and found her to be an insightful, warm and caring person. I have wanted to try life coaching for a while a hoped it could help bring more focus and productivity to my business, which had been a problem for me.

Previously I had read many books on the subject of how to be more productive and organised, and although they were helpful to a point, I would quickly lose momentum.

The best thing about working with Caroline is her ability to stay focused on the issues at hand and solving them in a clear, concise manner. Meeting regularly really helped me have accountability for the changes I was making in my life.

Having Caroline as a life coach has benefited me not only in business, but also my personal life. I have seen improvements in all areas, by learning to be more focused and disciplined.

I would highly recommend working with Caroline. Not only is she a great coach, she is a lovely bubbly person too. I think honesty helps you achieve more as you are trying to improve your life/business, and Caroline is the sort of person you can open up to, without fear of judgement. 

I am so glad I met Caroline, a seemingly chance encounter. My business and life are changing for the better, and I have a renewed sense of optimism. I look forward to working together in the future. Thank you!"

Jan, Worcester