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Design your own Midlife RoadMap

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In these intensives, we spend 6 hours together looking at how to identify what you want out of the next chapter in your life, how to move towards this new reality you’d like to create and how to spot and remove any roadblocks along the way. 

You’ll leave the workshop with your own, personalised Roadmap designed by you, for you and it will mark the start of you taking control of your awesome journey into midlife.

Why not join us for our next Design Your Own Midlife Roadmap Workshop? 

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30-Days to Positive Change Challenge

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This 30 Day email Challenge is for you when you want to…

· Understand how to manage your psychology to create the change you want
· Develop habits that will transform your physical and emotional life for the better

· Improve your relationships with yourself and others

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The Midlife MBA (Mission, Beliefs, Action) e-Learning Programme

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If you want to go even deeper, this 8-week programme will support you to look into your own needs and wants and get really clear about your goals, as well as the values and beliefs that will help you achieve them.

Just imagine that in the next 8 weeks you could be 100% certain about who and what you want to be in midlife and will have 100% certainty that you can become that person you were meant to be before life and family got in the way without the guilt of putting yourself first for once.

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Group Coaching

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Anyone taking part in our full Midlife Mastery programme will get access to fortnightly group coaching via Zoom. 

This is definitely for you if you sometimes feel like the only one who thinks and feels like you do and need reassurance that you’re not a crazed midlife loner!

The purpose of the group coaching is to provide bespoke advice and guidance at the same time as providing a forum for mutual support and conversation with like-minded people.

1:1 Coaching

What if you could finally stop worrying and struggling to achieve your goals on your own?

Our flagship 1:1 Coaching service offers you the opportunity to work exclusively and intensively with your own coach so you just can’t fail to move forwards with excitement and energy. 

Coaching is not counselling, we don’t spend all our time working with your past, no matter what challenges you may have faced. 

Instead, we help you create an exciting, fulfilling future and then support you to create some brilliant behaviours and beliefs to support you as you move forward. 

To find out more, visit to apply and book a 60 minute call. This call will help clarify your goals and help you plan your journey in so that you can progress as quickly as possible. Coaching is perhaps the most effective way to take your life to the next level and beyond.

The cost of this initial call is just £15 which is fully refundable when you sign up for one of our programmes.

Even if you don’t want to take things further, you’ll still get massive value from the call as we’ll clarify your goals and build a plan that you can implement straight away.

Business Coaching

People are not born leaders: they develop as leaders. 

These days it seems that we are all expected to be able to lead but not everyone feels fully equipped to do so effectively.

This is where our Leadership Coaching comes in: with a combination of group and 1:1 coaching, we’ll work together to identify your strengths and development areas when it comes to effective leadership and will help you find the right tools and techniques to become an even better leader than you are today.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more. Alternatively, click on the link below and book yourself in for a 60-minute call where we can explore the options together and decide on the best way forward for you. to discuss your needs and agree the best way forward for you.

InspireMe offers a money-back guarantee on all our products and programmes: see terms and conditions for full details.